8 May 2009

A moment with Crystal Stilts

We are very lucky to have these suave Brooklynites playing at this year's DOT TO DOT Festival. I sent Kyle, the chatterbox keyboard player, a quick email requesting they answer a few questions about their feelings on the event.

Ricky Haley - Soooo, you played Nottingham earlier this year, can we expect something different for this show? How did it go when you were in Robin Hood's town?

Kyle Forester - Well, when we played Nottingham in February (that was February, right?), we played in the attic of a tea house. Quarters were pretty cramped, and there was a little fight in the front row when this one guy didn't like the slightly aggressive way this other guy was dancing. For a minute, I thought Nottingham was gonna be our Altamont. But by the end of the night, they were hugging each other. What a town!

The show will otherwise be identical.

RH - You're also playing dot to dot Bristol. Know much about it? Ever seen Skins (lots of 16 year olds putting it about and general debauchery)??

KF - Literally the only thing I know about Bristol is that there's a "cream" there. But I'll "put it about" if that's what happens there...

RH - There's been muchos hype and press circling you in recent months. These dot to dot shows are going to be one in one out. Are you excited?

KF - We're hoping that with all that hype and this super quick tour we can disappoint the maximum number of people in the minimum amount of time. So, yes, we're excited.

RH - Who else on the lineup are you keen to watch?

KF - Personally, I'm excited that Abe Vigoda are on the bill. Sometimes people complain that I talk too much from the stage. They will not do that if they also see Abe Vigoda.

RH - Dot to dot starts at 1pm, you're gonna be onstage pretty late and the whole event finishes at 5am - which member will be the least capable of completing a dot to dot puzzle (join the dots) at the end of it?

KF - I don't wanna name names, but I think the members of the band who won't be able to complete a dot to dot puzzle at the end of the day would also not have been able to complete it at the beginning of the day.

RH - Tell us a joke

KF - Oh man, an original one? Can I just tell the one about the difference between Sir Mick Jagger and a Scotsman? Here, I'll try to remember it without looking it up. Uh...Mick Jagger says, "Hey, you, get off of my cloud!" A Scotsman says, "Hey, McCloud, get off of my ewe!"

Is that offensive? Bristol isn't in Scotland, is it?

CRYSTAL STILTS play DOT TO DOT Festival Bristol (venue TBC) and Nottingham (The Bodega), arrive early and don't miss them!